The tournament will be played in accordance with World Rugby’s Laws of the Game of Rugby Union (as amended from time to time), as varied or supplemented by EPCR.


Pool Draw

2.1 With the exception of the 2023 Champions Cup winner and the three league winners, who were kept apart to ensure that they would not play one another in the pool stage, the clubs were entered into an open draw based on their performances in the knockout phases of their respective leagues, and/or on their qualifying positions in their respective league tables.

2.2 The 24 clubs (eight from each league) were then drawn and/or allocated to one of four pools of six – Pool 1 to Pool 4.  A maximum of two clubs from each league were drawn into each pool and clubs from the same URC Shield could not be drawn into the same pool.

2.3 For the purposes of creating the fixtures, clubs from the same league cannot play against one another, and clubs only play against other clubs in the same pool on a home or away basis (so that they play two of their opponents at home, and another two away).

Pool stage

2.4 Clubs will play four matches during the pool stage, each against a different opponent, two matches at home and two matches away.

2.5 Four match points for a win, two match points for a draw. A bonus point will be awarded to a club scoring four or more tries and to a club losing by seven points or fewer.

If two or more clubs in the same pool are equal on match points, their ranking will be determined as follows:
(i) the best aggregate points difference from the pool stage; or
(ii) if equal, the number of tries scored in the pool stage; or
(iii) if equal, the club with the fewest number of players suspended for disciplinary incidents in the pool stage; or
(iv) if equal, by drawing lots.

Round of 16

2.6 The four highest-ranked clubs in each pool will qualify for the Round of 16.  All clubs will thereafter be ranked in descending order based firstly on their ranking in their pool and subsequently on the number of match points they have accumulated, to create an overall ranking from 1 to 16.

The pool winners will be ranked 1 to 4, the second-placed clubs will be ranked 5 to 8, the third-placed clubs will be ranked 9 to 12, and the fourth-placed clubs will be ranked 13 to 16. The Round of 16 will thereafter be played over one match as follows:

R16 1: Number 1-ranked club v Number 16-ranked club
R16 2: Number 2-ranked club v Number 15-ranked club
R16 3: Number 3-ranked club v Number 14-ranked club
R16 4: Number 4-ranked club v Number 13-ranked club
R16 5: Number 5-ranked club v Number 12-ranked club
R16 6: Number 6-ranked club v Number 11-ranked club
R16 7: Number 7-ranked club v Number 10-ranked club
R16 8: Number 8-ranked club v Number 9-ranked club

NB The clubs ranked numbers 1 to 8 will have home advantage in the Round of 16.

  • The clubs ranked fifth in each of the pools will qualify for the Round of 16 of the EPCR Challenge Cup.

2.7 The quarter-finals will be played over one match and the highest-ranked clubs from the pool stage will have home venue advantage as follows:

QF 1: Winner R16 1 v Winner R16 8
QF 2: Winner R16 2 v Winner R16 7
QF 3: Winner R16 3 v Winner R16 6
QF 4: Winner R16 4 v Winner R16 5


2.8 The matches will be played in Europe and the highest-ranked clubs from the pool stage will have home country advantage.

SF 1: Winner QF 1 v Winner QF 4
SF 2: Winner QF 2 v Winner QF 3


2.9 The 2024 final will be played at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London on Saturday 25 May.

NB In the event of drawn matches at the end of normal time during the knockout stage, extra-time will be played. If the scores remain tied at the end of extra time, the winner will be determined as follows:
(a) the club that has scored the most tries in the match (including extra time) or
(b) if equal, by a place kick competition.


3.1 Each club must nominate a squad, however, there is no limit on the number of players nominated at first registration of the season. A minimum of 10 of the players nominated by the club must be capable of playing in front row forward positions. All players must be fully and properly registered with their club and Union.

3.2 A club must nominate a squad of between 19 and 23 players for each match.

3.3 A minimum of six front row players must be included in each match day squad such that on the first occasion that a replacement is required in each position, a replacement can be made. Where uncontested scrums are ordered due to the departure of a front row player and there is no suitable replacement, the player whose departure caused the uncontested scrums may not be replaced (i.e. the club will be required to play with 14 players).

3.4 Each club may register up to five Additional Players during the pool stage but none during the knockout stage, each to replace a player previously registered. A minimum of three Additional Players must be front row players, and two Additional Players can be from any position. Players must have a three-month contract with the club and must not have played for another club in the same tournament. Additional Player registrations must be submitted by 12 noon (GMT) on the Wednesday before the match. De-registered players may be re-registered (in place of the relevant Additional Players) during the pool stage.

3.5 For Second Registration, clubs can add up to three players to supplement their squads and one of the players must be a front row player.


Clubs nominate their preferred playing strips at the start of the season. Where possible, EPCR attempts to accommodate club preferences, however, if EPCR determines that there is a colour clash, then EPCR will decide which playing strip each club must play in.


5.1 Players will be subject to doping control as set out in EPCR’s Anti-Doping Programme, which is based on and subject to Regulation 21 (Anti-Doping) of World Rugby’s Regulations.


6.1 Where a match is abandoned after 60 minutes or more, the result will stand.

6.2 Where a match is abandoned after fewer than 60 minutes, (a) if both clubs and the EPCR Board agree, the result will stand, or (b) the match will be replayed in full no earlier than 48 hours after kick-off of the abandoned match (unless both clubs and EPCR agree otherwise), with both clubs entitled to select new teams.

7. MEDIA REGULATION – Match Day Squad announcements

7.1 Each club must announce its match day squad by midday (GMT) on the Thursday before a Friday match and by midday (GMT) on the Friday before a weekend match. The match day squad announced must not differ from the squad that plays save in exceptional circumstances. Breaches of match day squad regulations may result in fines being imposed by the Board of EPCR.